What is MAROM?

MAROM was founded as a grassroots NGO in 2002 by Jewish university students for the regeneration and reinvention of Jewish culture in Hungary. The main goal of MAROM is to connect Jewish art, history and religious traditions and re-interpret them according to contemporary Hungarian (and global) context. In the past 14 years, MAROM created a great number of cutting edge projects in the field of Jewish experiential education. It engaged thousands of Jewish young adults (18+) whose families have not been affiliated with the Jewish community, and in many cases did not consider themselves Jewish, or did not assign significance to their Jewish descent. MAROM programs are accessible to everyone, independent of descent or self-definition. MAROM works with volunteers (ca. 50 people as a core team) who create programs that reach out to thousands of non-affiliated young Jews, and create new Jewish culture in Hungary and around the globe.

Main activities of MAROM Hungary

During the past 14 years, MAROM Budapest organized hundreds of larger and smaller events, initiated projects, and co-operated with over a hundred part organizations. Between 2006-2012 MAROM organized its programs at the independent community squat called “Sirály”, a project that found its continuation at Auróra in the fall of 2014. MAROM organizes its yearly summer festival at Lake Bánk since 2006. MAROM’s Quarter6Quarter7 festival during Chanuka and Pesach was established in order to revive and protect the Jewish quarter and runs with a stronger focus on social justice as Quarter7quarter8 since 2014. The project aims to use local history to articulate and re-invent Jewish culture and traditions.

Please find information about other MAROM projects (such as Social Action Exchange, Timetraveler, The 7th, Volunticipate, 7th district 24-7, Silent Heroes), under the “Projects” menu point.

MAROM values & methods

Social justice and Judaism

Since 2006 MAROM lays a stronger emphasis on social justice issues. MAROM volunteers agree that “tikkun olam” can be (and already functions) as a possible ground for Hungarian Jewish identity. Furthermore, MAROM members think that as a Jewish organization in post-socialist Hungary it is crucial to take part in social debates and initiate social movements.

MAROM stands up on the following social issues actively:

-fighting against any form of discrimination
(such as anti-Semitism, racism, anti-Roma hatred, homophobia)
-articulating, expressing minority experiences
-fight against the disenfranchisement of underprivileged groups
-debates about memory politics
-strengthening “civil society” and democracy

On these domains, MAROM carries out various projects:

-organization of festivals
-maintaining a community space
-educational and art projects
-international exchange programs
-e-learning curriculum development
-organizing and participating in public debates, demonstrations, and actions

All of these programs focus on the above topics (issues), but they vary in their methods and scale.

In general, however, we can say that the programs

– always apply community art methods
– always have the aspect of Jewish community building
– are often built on (participatory) research
– are interconnected with each other

Look for us oan Facebook or via email at info@marom.hu