PNEUMA SZÖV.* – Artist Co-op and Open Performance Network, based in Budapest

Since 2008, we have been creating free, common spaces where people are inspired to resist the segregations and constraints of society through play. We transmit peoples’ voices and encourage them to take part in shap- ing the conditions in which they live. We explore global injustice in local structures and present local alternatives by producing art and theater works (like a Giant Squirrel float as an antidiscrimination weapon). Through common experience we are building an open network that is based on a variety of theatrical and artistic practises.

Our aesthetics contain a broad mix of crossmedia works, inbetween performance, public art and community art. They function as alternative forms of news channel – like a street TV studio about social housing; a ‘chalk TV’ campaign for the squirrel-mayor candidate; a live radio performance about a shadow government of bedbugs in the 8th district of Budapest – projects which anybody can join and where the media works in both directions to create dialog.

We work mostly in the cracks and gaps in societal structures – like abandoned lots, public squares, community houses – and close to the economic peripheries like homeless shelters or independent theaters. Pneuma Szöv.’s “20-Forint” theater is dedicated to finding new fertility in the detritus of ideas, objects and places passed over as useless, ignored or forgotten.

* pneumatikus szövetség, szövetkezet, szöveg, szövet, szövőszék / Szöv. can be an abbrevation for alliance, cooperative, text, texture or power loom