Aurora provides a venue for 900 events yearly, offers a home for 40 different NGOs, and serves as a concert venue for 200 bands. Those who know Aurora are aware that most of these community events and projects could not find space and audiences elsewhere due to political or economic reasons. For years now, Aurora has supported NGOs targeted by malicious government propaganda, grassroots social activists, underfinanced contemporary art, and marginal music subcultures.

Due to the Covid19 restrictions, the reopening of our Community space fell to uncertanity.

The government restrictions in effect during the COVID-19 epidemic made us face the same serious hardships as any establisment in the catering industry: even though we couldn’t operate and generate revenue, the majority of our running costs were still the same. The rent, the cost of utilities, the wages of the staff, and the costs of administration is normally covered by the income generated in the bar. It is this income that makes it possible for us to provide offices and rooms for NGOs for low prices. The loss of this income is critical for us.

Please, help us to:

  •  pay the wages of our workers (from the manager to the cleaning staff), utilities, rent and montly administrations costs
  • to make it possible for Alternatíva Alapítvány, átlátszó.hu, Budapest Pride, Közélet Iskolája, Láthatatlan Tanoda, Pneuma Vizuál, Roma Sajtóközpont, and Utcajogász to use their offices after the epidemic
  • allow us to provide place of gathering for the activist groups Önállóan lakni, közösségben élni and Szabad Egyetem, and a kitchen for Food not Bombs
  • and last but not least maintain a Free and Safe Space in Budapest’s VIII. District where we make a policy of non-discrimination

Auróra survived a lot, among them are 5 politically motivated attack from the goverment. The time the epidemic started we voluntarily closed our establisment, but did not cancelled our civic and public-policy events. We started Auróra x Bánkitó Festival during which we hosted 8-10 online seminars and community events weekly. By our online activity we are venturing to build and sustain our active and politically conscious community, and shed light on current issues regarding social justice and inequality on a systematic level.

Support us so in the upcomings months we can move our events from online back to their proper places in the hall, the kiosk, the garder, or the basement.