Anything can be built from the modular furniture of Auróra: stoic hedonism, trashy culture, symphonic orchestras, adult playgrounds, individual society, vegetarian meatballs and misshapen chaos of well-seeming forms. Really. Anything. It’s modular!

Auróra is a social enterprise which was created to connect cultural programs, civil and activist organizations work, community building and fun in an open community. We are committed to forming a stable base, where individuals, groups, non-profit organizations could meet, share their ideas and collaborate with each other on new initiatives.

One of the most important goals of the Auróra project is the strengthening of the civil sector, inspire cooperation among the organizations and to provide them publicity. At the moment, there are eight NGOs upstairs who focus on marginalized and stigmatized groups. You can get familiar with their work through regular training sessions, workshops, cultural events and roundtable discussions.


Auróra was opened in 2014 but the concept of the community house was shaped in Sirály, Marom Hungary’s center at the time. Marom Budapest has more than 10 years of experience in the coordination of big volunteer groups and in the organization and execution of social activities and events. We host thousands of people at our most popular events, at Bánkitó and Quarter6Quarter7Quarter8 Festivals. Our goal is to create civil platforms and inclusive spaces, to popularize social justice and the experience, community and art based practices of activism.


Auróra’s long-term goal is to create an innovative and self-sustaining practice which increases the number of socially active citizens to advance the broadening of democratic practices in Hungary. The three storey building’s refurbishment was started by about fifty volunteers parallel with the community-based planning of the building’s organizational structure. Democratic and participatory working groups were created around the different aspects of operating such a house. The house’s decision-making body is the plenary. Event organizing, communication, design and community organizing works are still voluntary based.


The Csarnok quarter in the Eighth district is socially and ethnically a rather heterogeneous part of Budapest. The From Eight to Eight project uses community organizing practices which were successfully implemented in the countryside to contact the people living in the immediate surroundings of the building. The goal of the project is to help local interests and self-organizing by the involvement of the concerned. The long term goal is the catalysis of the neighbors  communication through direct and indirect channels and of a positive identity in the district.