Tuesdays and Sundays 3-6pm


Reusable/washable containers recommended.
Plz chop or tear waste to 3-5cm size.
Please remove labels, ties, tags and strings.

We accept GREEN WASTE:

– fruit and veg waste (peels, pits, seeds, rinds, incl. citrus and bananas)
– whole fruits and veg (cut-up or smashed plz),
– coffee grounds and filters, eggshells (rinsed and crushed plz),
– raw rice, grains, beans and flours (one bag max, plz)
– veg-eating rodent and bird pet waste (if litter is untreated and natural)
– Moldy, rotten and frozen stuff is ok.

NO-NO for:

◆ meat or fats
◆ oil
◆ dairy or cheese
◆ salted food (cooked)
◆ breads
◆ processed foods
◆ plastic tags, plastic teabags, ties, twists, staples
◆ thermal paper receipts
◆ banana boxes
◆ GLOSSY paper and office printer paper


– egg cartons (no labels)
– brown cardboard & carton (with MATT inks only, glossy contains plastic)
– grey paper toilet rolls, and kit. towel rolls, plain, unwaxed brown paper
– dead houseplants
– old potting soils
– leaves, garden trimmings, grass cuttings
– untreated sawdust, (plz put pine, evergreen waste aside)
– untreated, unpainted wood.
We always need leaves and other natural browns, like dried grass, wood chips, sawdust or straw. Used mushroom compost is great!

Make sure that the waste does NOT contain:

◆ plastic tags, ties, twists
◆ cigarette butts or ashes
◆ metal staples or pins
◆ stickers or tape

We can not compos:

◆ so-called ‘compostable’ food cartons and hot drink cups because of the plastic linings
◆ corn-based polymer beer cups
◆ ‘compostable’ plastic bags

If you have any questions, or you would like to organise some garden workshop for your class or your colleagues, or you would like to join the team, write to us!