“Auróra stays.”

Due to the temporary closure, because of covid-19, we need your help more than ever.

Ever since its foundation, the mission of Auróra has always been to provide a platform for the events of civil and cultural organisations. Subscribe as a regular sponsor and support the office of 12 organisations, hundreds of events of NGOs every year and the existential security of one of Hungary’s first free spaces!

▼ Monthly support ▼

We need 150 brave and determined subscribers, who is going to donate 10 euros per month to help us survive covid-19.

▼ Donation ▼

If you are not sure you can afford a monthly donation to Auróra or you would like to donate a larger sum in one (or regulary), this is your button!

▼ Bank account transfer ▼

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Marom Klub kft

Account numbers:
10918001-00000072-92080004 (HUF)
10918001-00000072-92080011 (EUR)
HU78109180010000007292080004 (HUF IBAN)
HU83109180010000007292080011 (EUR IBAN)

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What will happen to Auróra now?

Nevertheless, since the closure decree of the former local government is still in effect, we need your help!

The decree of the former local government about the opening hours of Auróra Kiosk is being reviewed by the Constitutional Court and in the meantime, a productive dialogue has been initiated between the local authorities of the 8th district and the tenants of the neighbourhood which we hope will lead to the recovery of our license. The aim of this mediation process is that Auróra shoud become an integrated part of its environment and we can continue our activities in harmony with the life of the district.

However, until this process is completed, we still need your support to maintain Aurora without the income from the bar at night.

Why does the at night closure of the bar jeopardise the survival of Auróra?

80% of the income of the Aurora comes from the bar. This money covers – among other things – the rent, the possibility of discounted price of the offices of the NGOs and many of our events.

Here is the data management policy of Marom Klub Egyesület, the maintainer of Auróra.